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First-Ever Designer Brand NFT Collection

MooTag will be the first-ever Designer Brand that starts out as an NFT

Each week there will be a new collection in collaboration with brands, artists & influencers

We plan to open up boutique stores selling real-life designs of the NFT collection that will generate passive income for our holders!

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The Benefits of Owning a MooTag


Imagine owning a share of a designer brand such as Supreme or Gucci?
Well, guess what, it's now a reality.

Community Owned 

Owners of MooTag will join an exclusive private community of like-minded people. For connection purposes, or just to make friends, we strive to make it the best ever - we promise you won't be disappointed with our community.    

Physical Benefits

People who hold their MooTag item for a specified period of time (to be decided), will be rewarded a physical copy that will be custom-made to the holder & can be used in real life, so others know you are the real deal.
Boutique Store

Opening our boutique store to the public. Do not worry, holders will have different designs than the ones sold to the public. This will allow us to sell products and generate revenue that will be split between our NFT holders!
Passive Income

As we said before, this project is community-owned. This means our holders will earn passive income from royalties from the secondary market, as well as sales we make from our boutique store!
The Launch

Creating history and dropping the first-ever community-owned designer brand NFT collection! There will be plenty of giveaways and special surprises to early members that support us & our vision before the launch.
Weekly Drops

Each week a drop will be launched in collaboration with brands, artists & influencers. We plan on producing quality over quantity, which allows for smaller drops that will happen on a consistent basis. Thus, allowing the community to be built over time & maintain a higher floor price for our holders.
The Team 

Involved with biggest influencers even before the Internet was invented. Works at night asleep by day.
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The king of social media with over a billion followers. Has a cape but only wears it in the shower.
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Million years of experience with advertising agencies, Strict on details and snoring hard.

The only one who agreed to work voluntarily.
Always on time although forget codes.
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